Integrated MMA head honcho; Coach Dan

Check out this article on my coach and the head coach of the Integrated MMA team and to some of Australia’s finest fighters.

“It was a different time when I started getting into martial arts,” Higgins recalled. “I started training when I was around six or seven years old and have been involved in martial arts for about 32 years now. There was no social media as such back then, and I didn’t get into it for the money or to be famous or anything like that. I got involved in martial arts to better develop myself and to have something to work towards.”

Over the years, Higgins has seen it all when it comes to people wanting to chase down the dream of being a full-time professional fighter. The success of Integrated MMA means that there are always people knocking on the door to join what is arguably Australia’s most successful fight team. Higgins is not as concerned with what a person can bring to the table in accomplishments as he is with the qualities that define the person and where the journey that is martial arts can take them.

“I think that training in martial arts should be used to develop character,” Higgins explained. “I have a very traditional outlook on training and on martial arts as a whole. And I think that if someone is worried about accolades or trophies and belts, then they aren’t going to last long in the sport. Once they lose a fight or are out of the spotlight, then they start to lose interest. I am a very basic kind of guy, and, for me, it’s about training a skill set first and being a fighter comes second.”

Catch As Catch Can

I recently came across this beautiful short film on Catch As Catch Can wrestling on Youtube.

Ever since reading about Catch wrestling and it’s history I’ve been fascinated with the story and how it’s been somewhat “lost” over the years. It’s interesting to know that pro wrestling had it’s origins from Catch/Lancanshire wrestling.

Also visit for more of a read on Catch/Lancanshire Wrestling and the history of the Snakepit Gym in Wigan.

Friday night wrestling at Integrated MMA

Hello! I know it’s been a long time in between posts and I’ll post up a proper update soon. But in the meantime check out this short little highlight I made of an average Friday night wrestling at Integrated MMA. Our resident US college wrestler, Derek Heckle, is taking the class, which may be one of the last times before he leaves back to the US. I hope to see him again as I’ve learned so much from him about wrestling that I’ve been able to use in training and fights. Check out the video below.

I only took a few photos and a few short clips so I didn’t have much to work with. But I’ll be bringing my camera down to the gym more often to get more pics and footage for the gym.

Enjoy, peace!

Next MMA fight June 7, Melbourne

Melbourne friends! I’ll be fighting in your city on June 7th, would love to have you down to support. I’ll post more details when I find out soon.

In the mean time it’s training, eat, sleep, work, training, eat, sleep…. you get the drift :)

Hope everyone is well.

Rest day

“Rest is a weapon.” – Bourne series

That’s one of my favourite quotes to use in relation to martial arts. If you’ve read the Jason Bourne novels (WAYYYY better than the movies) then you’ll encounter this quote/concept throughout.

Anyways, on one of my rest days I was introduced to a swimming hole, by my teammate, that’s not far from D’Aguilar National Park. It’s part of a creek that runs for miles but and luckily this part is deep enough to swim in, and even deep enough to dive into if you’re brave enough haha. It was so good, I returned a few days later when I had a day off work.

The best things about it is: it’s not far from my place (about 30min drive tops) and it’s tucked away by the roadside so not many people know about it. The water is cool, especially now heading into winter it would be icy cold, PERFECT for recovery from training. AND the absolute best bit is it’s in amongst nature. The river rocks, lush green trees, sound of flowing water… a great place to just zen out and let your mind clear.

Needless to say I’ll be coming back here alot.

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