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Connection Rio

If you don’t know where to start with planning your trip, accommodation or general advice on Rio de Janeiro I think a good place to start would be with the Connection Rio and getting in contact with the owner, Dennis.

Not only is Dennis a nice guy and easy to approach, but he has also spent 5 years in Brasil (mainly Rio de Janeiro I think) in total. So he’d most likely be able to answer any questions you have or point you in the right direction to finding them.

Once again here is the Connection Rio website.

On twitter

And Facebook
Connection Rio Facebook

Dennis’ website with link to his blog and video highlights

A gallery on the ‘In The Guard’ website of the Connection Rio house.

A podcast that features some of the current guests staying at the Connection Rio HQ. And covers what it’s like being in the house, Largo do Barra, training and women in Brasil. Also featured is Kyra Gracie in an exclusive interview.

Also here is a short report on Connection Rio from youtube. It’s mainly in Português but you’ll get to see the house, gym (before renovations) and hear what Dennis and some of the other foreigners have to say in english. The interviewer, Pedro, is a purple belt from the gym and a really nice guy.

And to finish of a couple of pics after a training session with Dennis (2nd from right). Jerrod, in the yellow gi, also has a blog which you can follow here. If you can’t spot him, then you must be colour blind.

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  • Hello, great info on your website, I love it when I find great info on the web. I enjoyed reading it and will be back to read more. Always good to find folks on the web that share an interest.

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