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Going to Thailand

Well I’ve booked my tickets and I’ll be heading off to Thailand, but only for about 3 weeks in mid January. Besides wanting to train some Muay Thai the main reason for my trip is my best mates wedding. I’ll be up in the North East (Isan region) for maybe a week because my mates missus (who I’m also really good friends with) is Laos/Thai and has some family up there. THEN hopefully I’ll get at least 1.5 – 2weeks training time in Bangkok.

Jimmy, Richie (my best mate) and me

Jimmy is actually from the NE region of Thailand so might know some places to go out and maybe even train. He’s even had some muay thai fights from memory (and I think also a bunch of streetfights lol).

I’ve previously been to Thailand twice before but only managed to train muay thai the 2nd time I went over there, which was with a group from my old gym in Darwin, Performance Gym. We spent just about 2 weeks over there, the majority (10 days) on Koh Samui at the WMC Lamai camp. It’s long overdue but I’ll write up an overview of that gym soon.

w/ the Performance Gym boys in Koh Samui

After a hard training session at WMC Lamai

But this time I’ll probably stay around the BKK area to save some $$ on flights out to the islands. Originally I was thinking of staying at 13 Coins Gym to train, mainly because I wanted to train and get to learn from Saenchai. But then I heard he moved to Sinbi Muay Thai in Phuket so now I’m tossing it up between Fairtex Bangplee and a “new” camp I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about, Sitsongpeenong.

I’m kind of leaning a little towards Fairtex atm, because my gym (Integrated MMA) is affiliated with them BUT also because they also teach some MMA/No-gi there so at least I’d still be able to practice that a little while I’m there. However I’m really liking what I’ve read about Sitsongpeenong and am really considering that one too. After all if you’re in Thailand to train you may as well train muay thai. If anyone has other suggestions of good gyms for me please leave a comment, cheers!

There are tonnes of websites of Muay Thai camps in Thailand but these are some sites that have helped me with researching places to train:

K-1fans.com/forums – they got a whole forum section dedicated to Gyms & Training in Thailand, and heaps of members have left comments on and recommendations on gyms they’ve been to, where to visit etc.

MuayThaiTrainingCamps.com – A great blog run by Mike (who’s currently in Thailand atm) and features alot of nice information, tips and interviews etc. on training camps in Thailand and includes many pics and video

FightPassport.com – Muay Thai Training Journals – another great blog site with muay thai camp reviews including pics and videos

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