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Pedro Rizzo Highlight via [Hello Japan]

Here’s another excellent HL from my mate Stu’s blog [Hello Japan], you can check out more awesome fighter HL’s there. Just watching Rizzo’s HL makes me wanna practice some leg kicks now :)

Brazilian Heavyweight Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo is a WVT, Pride FC and UFC veteran. A student of Ruas Vale Tudo he holds an MMA record of 19-9-0. Rizzo began his career in the World Vale Tudo Championship where he became the heavyweight champion. Shortly after he debut in the UFC, where he went on to contest for the HW title on 3 different occasions. He has notable victories over Tank Abott, Mark Coleman, Josh Barnett and Andre Arlovski. His war with Randy Couture was voted Fight of the Year 2001. Pedro has fought all other the world since then winning the IFA and UAFC titles. With painful legkicks and solid takedown defense, Pedro Rizzo is a legend and a true pioneer of the sport.


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