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Enson Inoue – Yamato Damashii Diaries

I’ve been loosely following Enson Inoue‘s Yamato Damashii Diaries on MMAfighting.com, as he’s recently become a one man charity organisation in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

Since the disaster he’s been on a mission to personally help those affected by this natural disaster and left in evacuation centers. He’s made a number of trips by himself in his truck with supplies for the people, paid for out of his own pocket. Photographer Daniel Herbertson accompanied him on one such trip and reported to MMAfighting.com

Through the Yamato Damashii Diaries we really get to see what it’s like on the ground and get a glimpse of the lives and faces of those affected by this disaster. This it the stuff you don’t see or hear about on the news. The individually in their daily struggle to make sense of their life after so much loss. What’s remarkable is you don’t see or hear about any of the other “BIG” charity organisations doing their thing in the area. Yet one man is able to go into an evacuation centre, ask people what they need, go to the nearest unaffected town to buy them and then return to hand out all the goods.

Enson Inoue really does capture the “Yamato Damashii” / Samurai spirit in all its honour and glory through the work he is doing. If you want to support this cause check out his website StrongInJapan.org

Ironically today I got a phone call from a charity “Save the Children” talking about how the earthquake/tsunami had affected kids in Japan. At first I was a bit indifferent to the cause since I’ve already donated, and am already donating on a monthly basis to another organisation. I half heartedly signed up thinking to cancel it later on.

But then I watched this video and changed my mind. It’s been almost a month now since the disasters and it seems that there’s been almost no progress in those areas. Actually maybe I will cancel the donation to that charity and look into contributing something directly to what Enson is doing. You can see he really cares about the people and the pride it brings him to be helping them out no matter how little or small the gestures may seem.

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