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Evolution 24 Results & Pics

Elliot Compton vs Joel Anderson
Elliott utilised his reach with kicks and long range punches to keep his opponent at at bay. Somewhere in the first round Elliot landed a nice straight elbow through the guard that put a dint on Joel’s forehead.

Throughout the whole fight Elliot barely looked like he stepped out of 2nd gear. But this didn’t stop Joel at all and he showed great heart and fighting spirit forging forward throughout and trying to get combos off of his own. Some hits landed but were always quickly countered in equal or greater measure with Elliot showing his superiority in all aspects of the fight.

Elliot with a comfortable unanimous decision win.

Majid NTG vs Taylor Harvey
Majid is one of the friendliest guys you can meet. But there is a reason that his fight name is “Beast from the Middle East,” and it’s not because it rhymes. He really is a beast when he gets in there to fight.

Majid has top notch striking and is a strong wrestler which showed when he was getting the better on the feet and scoring with multiple takedowns throughout the whole fight. At one stage he even tried an Anaconda/Brabo choke doing the whole roll and everything, which is funny because his submission game isn’t his strongest point.
In the end though Taylor Harvey caught him in a guillotine and rolled Majid over onto his back eventually getting the tap. A great fight from both guys who are naturally strikers. Harvey showed his toughness and Majid showed his great mix of striking and wrestling but also the need for improvements with his submission defence.

Philip “Flip” Street vs Dane “Daddy Kool” Beauchamp
This fight rightfully won fight of the night.

Daddy Kool’s has definitely got one of the coolest entrances I’ve seen when one of his friends walked out before pimped out in a sparkly pink suit complete with top hat and pimp stick singing “Daddy Kool” and playing to the crowd trying to get them to sing that line.

Flip started out strong finishing each combo with a leg kick and controlling centre ring. Early in the first he threw a combo that looked like it dropped Daddy Kool but he got up straight away and a count wasn’t given. I’m not sure if it was a flash knockdown or just a slip but either way Daddy Kool kept very composed (something Mandy and I commented on a few times was how expressionless he seemed). I know whenever I’m fighting/sparring/hitting pads I’m always pulling stupid faces that make for some funny photos.

Daddy Kool early knockdown in the 1st

Daddy Kool started picking up the pace from the 2nd round onwards landing nice punch combos hitting some good body shots and knees. Eventually Flip Street got caught and put down for the count.

Flip after his first knockdown

He took the count and got on his feet visibly angry at himself for having got caught and knocked down. Daddy Kool jumped in for the kill getting another knockdown quickly. But Flip Street showed his resilience using pure heart and warrior spirit to climb back on his feet but it was not enough though as Daddy Kool finally put Flip Street’s back on the canvas with the ref waving off the fight giving Daddy Kool the KO finish.

Big win for Daddy Kool and a gutsy performance from Flip Street.

Bruce ‘Preacher’ Macfie vs Steve Moxon
From the get go Moxon kept on his toes using movement and angles to hit his combos and get in then get out of range quickly. Preacher had the size/reach advantage and looked content to cover up then try counter, perhaps just warming into it and letting Steve burn some energy.

But Moxon didn’t slow down and if anything only fired up the intensity into the later rounds. It seemed for every one or two punches Preacher was able to land Moxon was landing 3 or 4. Constantly moving changing levels and angles, and throwing some nice body shots into the mix.

Preacher just couldn’t get his feet off the ground and in the end Moxon was too much knocking him down for the count, which he took. Moxon quickly capitalised on the opportunity going in for the finish and putting Preacher out cold on the canvas for nearly a minute.

Moxon by KO (punches), quite an impressive performance from the NSW fighter.

Frank Giorgi vs Nonsai
One thing noticeable from the start was the tape around Giorgi’s torso covering something up around his solar plexus. We wondered what it was (my guess was staph), how it might affect the fight and how long the tape would hold up before the sweat peeled it off.

Nonsai started out quite relaxed but sharped using his kicks to keep Frank at range. But Frank kept pushing forward and the action kept turning up until the 4th round saw Frank land a barrage of punches, all taken cleanly on the chin by the Thai, followed up by a number of unanswered knees finally putting Nonsai down for the count. Nonsai managed to recover and stalled the fight with his clinch game.

The final round saw the Thai come out strong and establish his range with kicks scoring enough points and then trying to play it safe by shooting in and stalling with the clinch. This didn’t stop Frank pushing forward throwing combos and catching the Thai who was noticeably dropping his right hand every time he threw a left kick.

It was a close fight but in the end Frank got the split decision. Although I thought Nonsai did enough throughout to win the fight and he thought so too by the look on his face when the decision was read. I think even Frank knew he lost but I guess the knockdown in the 4th was enough for the judges to award the hometown hero.


Other stuff on the night

John Wayne Parr gave a speech, apologising to the crowd that he wasn’t able to fight that night because of an ongoing hand injury. He also made a funny joke how it’s hard for him to “finish” watching porn when he’s on the Internet. I think I saw his wife Angie (sitting on the table across from us) roll her eyes.

There was only one auction the whole night which wasn’t so bad because of the high quality fights and all the KO’s, not to mention the ring card girls holding the auction piece up.

Some guy taking a booty shot of the ring card girl's... lols


Overall the production, action packed fights and no stuffing around schedule made for a great event and I’ll definitely be wanting to attend future ones.

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