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Busy week ahead

Health checks

I got another appointment with the physiotherapist Monday afternoon. Everything is feeling good, but still working on getting my full range of motion back. I can almost straighten my arm fully now but I still feel a bit of pressure on the elbow joint (possibly residual inflammation of tendons etc). To me it felt like the getting my range of motion from 90º to 180º (fully straight) hasn’t been too hard, but because my elbows hyperextend a little it’s feels like getting that extra range of motion back is a real struggle. I hope to get it back though because it makes for good armbar defense hehe.

Also get to see the ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat specialist) again this week on Wednesday. Hopefully now that I’ve had the audio tests done (right ear has severe hearing loss… no surprise there) the ENT will be able to give a proper diagnosis and hopefully it will be something curable. It would suck to be deaf in one ear for life… but it could be worse and I could be fully deaf.


The other week I went rock climbing at Kangaroo Point Cliffs. It cost $49 for 2hrs and included all the equipment: helmet, harness, ropes & 2 instructors/supervisors. We booked through Riverlife, their office is a bit hard to locate, but basically it’s at the bottom of the cliffs towards the end of the footpath.

My friend getting strapped in

Climbed it like a monkey. You can just make me out at the top.

Rock climbing is pretty fun and I’m not too shabby at it. Once you recognize which grips to use, and realize it’s easier to use your legs to push you up rather than pull yourself up with your arms, then it’s pretty smooth sailing from there. It’s a great all body workout, the only thing I was worried about was how my arm would hold up because of the injury. But it held up fine and gave me no problems at all. Especially since I really concentrated on using my legs more than my arms to get me up there.



So far I’ve just been doing some legs, cardio and hitting the bags (minus one arm) in training. It sucks being limited but there’s so much other things you can train when you’re not “training.” The only real active thing in training I can do is hitting the bag. Everything with my right hand plus kicks & knees. Hopefully I’ll have a wicked jab when I get back into it properly. Even though there’s a lot of combos you can hit with one arm, it still gets kind of boring hitting with one hand. I’ll post up some favourite combos of mine next time.

This week though I plan to test the waters out and try some light flow rolling… and MAYBE lightly hitting the pads IF the physio gives me the nod. Looking real forward to it and I hope I haven’t lost much, besides my cardio which I know has gone to sh*t… thank you ice cream & junk food!


Evolution 25

Last night went to watch Evolution 25 and was looking forward to watching John Wayne Parr fight. I’ve been a fan of his for years since I first heard of him and seeing him fight live was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. Especially since this is supposedly his last year of fighting before retiring. However he did mention at the last show that he’s had some really good offers for fights next year, so who knows. Also Elliott was fighting on the show and stepping up in competition by fighting a Thai.

Unfortunately Elliott didn’t win his fight but he really he went out and gave it his all, which is all you can ask for. In the 4th round he got caught with a kick or punch I think and took a knee but as he did the Thai gave him a kick when he was on the ground. I know it’s pretty common for them to get in a shot before the ref can step in, but I still think it’s a bit dirty, unless it’s MMA with full Pride rules. Elliott was all class after and gracious in defeat, as all champions are, and I know he’ll be back stronger from this.


The highlight of the night was probably John Wayne Parr’s entrance. Where he came out to LMFAO – Sexy and I know it.

JWP making his entrance...

... in style! The Gunslinger wiggling it


Probably the best entrance I’ve seen live and seriously one of the best I’ve seen… ever. Obviously the crowd love it and got a good laugh. If you want to see what it really looked like live then check out the video below. JWP comes in at around the 1:00 min mark.


Going to Darwin

I’ll be flying back to my hometown on Friday night and staying for a week. It will be super good catching up with some family and all my old mates. Pretty much most of my besties still live there. Besides wanting to catch up with everyone I’ll be looking to hit up my old gym, Performance Gym and also squeeze in a roll with Peter de Been Jiu Jitsu Darwin if I can.

Most of the things on my to do list include catching up with various friends, eating & drinking. I better write them all down before I forget. It’ll be hard to cram it all in because I know time will fly but I’m really looking forward to it.


Anyway let me end with a quote:


The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

– Walter Bagehot

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