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Back in Darwin

Flew in on Friday night and spent most of Saturday catching up with mates having a few drinks. Really tired today but still gotta catch up with some family.

My arm seems to be going well and held up good doing a light Muay Thai sparring session on Thursday night. Planning to hit Performance Gym a couple times while I’m here and get some good workouts done.

Weather here is hot and humid, the heat ain’t so bad to bear but it’s the humidity that kills you leaving you feeling sticky all the time.. eww. You’d think you wouldn’t mind so much because you sweat all the time in training, but not when you’re sweating from doing nothing just sitting there hahaha.


Also if you haven’t noticed it yet check out the FAQ’s tab up the top and let me know what you think. I’m trying to organise all the info and old posts I’ve put up on this page so it makes it easy for people to find out whatever they’re looking for.

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