Video & Pics: My first MMA fight

My first MMA fight

You can’t see a bit of the beginning of the fight because the view is obscured by the ropes but you can see the rest of it from there.

My opponent was a Muay Thai guy with the same number of fights as myself but also his first MMA fight. . . . → Read More: Video & Pics: My first MMA fight

Won my 1st MMA fight

By triangle choke in the first round. I fought a muay thai guy and he didn’t know anything on the ground, kind of unfair for him, but it made it easier for me on the ground and I didn’t feel in any trouble at all. Ahhh the power of zhoo zitsu!

Nerves I found myself . . . → Read More: Won my 1st MMA fight

Tamworth & fight photos

Saw these “smoke stack” looking things on the way to Tamworth which looked quite weird out in the middle of the country side. There was a sign just before passing them saying something like they were releasing ‘water vapour’ … or basically what looked like clouds. I just thought it was something odd to see. . . . → Read More: Tamworth & fight photos

World War – Fight Night in Darwin

Thursday 1st April marked the beginning of the Easter long weekend but it was also the night of the ‘World War’ fight night here in Darwin, Australia. There were 9 fighters from our gym (Performance Gym) fighting with opposing fighters coming from QLD, NSW, ACT and even Singapore.

It was a big night and . . . → Read More: World War – Fight Night in Darwin

War On The Floor videos

These are the videos to my fights from the “War on the floor” competition that just passed. Fights were for 5 minutes with a referee and judges if the fights went the full time. If fights were ruled a draw then fighters were given a 3 minute overtime.

The Open Weight Round Robin is pretty . . . → Read More: War On The Floor videos